Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Exercise is not Enough to Ward off Type 2 Diabetes:

Numerous studies now indicate that just going to the gym a few times a week is not enough to prevent type 2 diabetes. Long hours sitting, as work so often demands, is a significant risk factor even if we engage in regular exercise. This study highlights the risk of long hours of sitting and provides some insight into the underlying physiological processes that can occur from such inactivity.

As a general rule it is a good idea to stand up every 30 minutes. No, not for another cup of coffee, but to go for a quick walk. Plan your work day to allow this type of break.

The news item can be read here.

Below is the abstract details.

Diabetes Care 31:661-666, 2008
Breaks in Sedentary Time. Beneficial associations with metabolic risk

OBJECTIVE—Total sedentary (absence of whole-body movement) time is associated with obesity, abnormal glucose metabolism, and the metabolic syndrome. In addition to the effects of total sedentary time, the manner in which it is accumulated may also be important. We examined the association of breaks in objectively measured sedentary time with biological markers of metabolic risk.

RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—Participants (n = 168, mean age 53.4 years) for this cross-sectional study were recruited from the 2004–2005 Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle study. Sedentary time was measured by an accelerometer (counts/minute–1 < 100) worn during waking hours for seven consecutive days. Each interruption in sedentary time (counts/min 100) was considered a break. Fasting plasma glucose, 2-h plasma glucose, serum triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, weight, height, waist circumference, and resting blood pressure were measured. MatLab was used to derive the breaks variable; SPSS was used for the statistical analysis.

RESULTS—Independent of total sedentary time and moderate-to-vigorous intensity activity time, increased breaks in sedentary time were beneficially associated with waist circumference (standardized β = –0.16, 95% CI –0.31 to –0.02, P = 0.026), BMI (β = –0.19, –0.35 to –0.02, P = 0.026), triglycerides (β = –0.18, –0.34 to –0.02, P = 0.029), and 2-h plasma glucose (β = –0.18, –0.34 to –0.02, P = 0.025).

CONCLUSIONS—This study provides evidence of the importance of avoiding prolonged uninterrupted periods of sedentary (primarily sitting) time. These findings suggest new public health recommendations regarding breaking up sedentary time that are complementary to those for physical activity.

Abbreviations: AusDiab, Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle

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