Thursday, May 28, 2009

Type 1 Diabetes on the Rise

28/05/2009 5:39PM

Type 1 childhood diabetes is increasing. Type 2 actually has a closer genetic connection than type 1, at least that is what one doctor told me. There was an interesting Italian study sometime ago which found that in obese individuals the risk of type 2 was 49 times higher for those in the highest 10% (I think) then the lowest group for organic pollutant measurements in their body tissues. Another study found increased complications in diabetes individuals if they lived close to a dump.

Type 1 diabetes is perceived as a Th 1 inflammatory mediated autoimmune disease, the beta cells appear particularly sensitive to oxidative attack. However the cytokine profile goes across the board. The Th 1-Th 2 stuff is useful but not the real thing. There might be an epigenetic process going on here because I recall one study which indicated that if the grandmothers had gone through a severe famine this increased the risk of diabetes but only in the grandchildren line(so far measured). I can think of two possible causes, there must be more. The point is this: Across wide populations, if we increase the potential risk factors through environmental changes, we can then create epidemics. It's a neat trick and we're pulling it off.

Strange stuff but just today I read this:

The water flea, daphnea will develop large defensive spines when predators are around. If they then reproduce, their off spring develop these spines even when not exposed to predators.

New Scientist May, 2008l p 31

There is a way to understand this but you have to give up the one gene - one protein idea. It's wrong so you may as well.

Now, speaking of persistent organic pollutants, has anyone bought any bottled water lately?