Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dying to See the Light

It was Dr. Fenwick who first proposed this study into near death experiences. Many argue that near death experiences are proof of an after life but I remain cynical of the same. One possible reason why some can still have perceptions when the heart has stopped is that the brain has a unique supply of glucose and oxygen. Brain cells(neurons) can only use sugar as a fuel source. Remarkably, there is a type of buffer built into this energy source. Astrocytes, glia that are in direct contact with the blood vessels, absorb glucose from the blood, process it, then release pyruvate into the intra-cellular spaces. Neurons will take up the pyruvate as their energy source. A couple of years ago there was also a study indicating that the CNS may have a "reserve oxygen supply". So there remains the possibility that the brain can continue functioning, albeit for a very short time, after the heart has stopped.

This research should settle the matter once and for all.

For information on Dr. Peter Fenwick's research, just google the name.

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Fleeced said...

So, if you're decapitated, the last thing you see could see before you die could be your headless body... creepy!

John, I often don't agree with your political views, but I've always enjoyed reading them... though, reading your blog, I think I enjoy your non-political posts even more.

Some interesting reading - thanks for posting.

Kirk (aka Fleeced)