Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dark Side of Statins(cholesterol lowering drugs)

Cholesterol-lowering drugs and the effect on muscle repair and regeneration

Statin drugs are life savers and a principal component in allowing many people with high cholesterol to avoid heart attacks and strokes. Many statins exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and there have been trials for statins in dementia treatment. The results have not been that promising.

Many patients have reported problems with statin drugs and the research is now starting to bear this out. While statin drugs are life savers as with nearly all drugs there can be untoward effects. If you are taking statins and experience any of the symptoms mentioned in this article speak to your doctor. Take the article with you so they know you are not just dreaming up the symptoms.

If you are taking a statin drug it is strongly advisable to also take a co-q10 supplement with the statins because statin drugs typically inhibit HMG-CoA, a rate limiting enzyme for co-q10 production in the body. It is very important to maintain co-q10 levels because it is a strong antioxidant that plays a pivotal role in the electron transport chain, the "powerhouse" in our cells.

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