Friday, January 20, 2012

House keeping and exercise

"House keeping" refers to an intra-cellular process that relates to the functions which involve removing excess and potentially dangerous molecules and detritus from the cell. It is crucial to cell function and survival. The main waste product that builds up is called lipofuscin, a set of lipids and proteins and lipoproteins that need regular removal before aggregation makes it too difficult to remove the same. Accumulation of lipofuscin can be taken as a marker of cell aging to developing strategies to maintain regular house keeping is very important because aggregates of molecules are extremely difficult to degrade.

For example, a key protein degradation pathway, the UPS pathway, has a severe limitation in that the organelle has a very narrow opening and hence will not allow aggregated proteins into the organelle to be digested. So it is essential we maintain UPS and the other key process mentioned in this article, autophagy, to maintain cellular health.

As this study highlights exercise is a good way to promote autophagy. So stop reading and go for a walk!

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