Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aussies and Iodine

Some may recall the time when table salt was fortified with iodine. Today that product seems rather hard to find and perhaps it is academic because so many people shy away from salt.

In this study they found a worryingly high percentage of Aussies had low iodine. A huge 43% were found to be iodine deficient. In relation to children and pregnant women this is potentially a very serious problem. Lack of iodine in children can lead to cognitive impairments and a range of other issues, in adults it can induce goiter. Iodine is essential for proper functioning of the thyroid, a gland that plays a regulatory role in the general rate of metabolism.

Food Standards Australia has released this report.

Sources of iodine:

Iodised Salt.
Seafood products.
In Australia, iodine fortified bread should be available in September 2009.

For an overview of iodine, recommended intakes and sources of iodine read this report from Nutrition Australia.

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