Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another worrying study concerning mobile phones

There are now a number of studies pointing to the dangers of mobile phones. Of particular concern is the widespread and frequent use of mobile phones amongst teenagers. This study reveals a disturbing quality about the microwave radiation emitted from mobile phones: the markers of oxidative stress, MDA(malondialdehyde) and XO(xanthine oxidase) remain up to 40 days after exposure to the microwave radiation in a rat model. One factor causing this sustained expression of inflammatory markers was the persistent reduction in catalase, a key antioxidant pathway in our cells.

Previous research has found increased risk of brain tumours in the young. While the telecommunications industry strenously denies any danger from using mobile phones increasing research is painting a very different picture. Some authorities have even claimed that the widespread use of mobile phones is paving the way for an epidemic of brain tumours.

Thanks to Dr. Lefever for forwarding this study to me.

The full study can be downloaded here.

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