Friday, April 5, 2013

Potassium or Die


Reducing salt and increasing potassium will have major global health benefits

Cutting down on salt and, at the same time, increasing levels of potassium in our diet will have major health and cost benefits across the world, according to studies published in BMJ today.
Reducing salt intake is not enough, potassium intake amongst hunter gatherers is many times the potassium intake of modern diets and hunter gatherers typically have what we would regard as potentially dangerously low blood pressure.

In one recent news release Mercola asserted that hunter gatherers consumed 11,000 gms of potassium. I doubt it is that high but even the USDA recommends 4700 mg per day for us. Most of us get nowhere near that amount. There are studies showing that increasing potassium intake is more important than salt reduction. In fact too little salt is also problematic so focus on increasing potassium while reducing your overall salt but do not eliminate salt intake. 

Additionally it is important to increase the arginine-lysine balance in our bodies because arginine is an essential precursor for nitric oxide which also plays a critical role in blood pressure regulation. Nuts are a good source of arginine. 

For those who suffer from depression or anxiety I suggest, only that, that maintaining sufficient potassium levels may be very important because potassium helps prevent excessive neural activity.

Another way to boost nitric oxide is through the citrulline, which is converted into arginine. Water melon is a good source here. I have previously addressed these issues:


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