Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Remarkable Anti-Inflammatory diet

You can download the press release here. This is a startlingly good result, so good I want to see it followed up. It could be too good to be true or wonderful.

The results in brief ...

The results show that the food portfolio significantly reduced inflammation. Furthermore, LDL-cholesterol was reduced by 33%, blood triglycerides by 14%, blood pressure by 8 % and a thrombotic risk factor by 26 %. In addition, the subjects’ cognitive functions were improved after the food portfolio compared with the reference food.


Anonymous said...

looked for a comprehensive lists of foods trialled - only able to find a general (brief) list. do you know a link i could follow?


John said...

Hey Anon,

The details are not being released and given the nature of the news release I suspect they are in no hurry to do the same. You could track down the article when it is published and that should contain much more information.